a to-do list for the ages

Here's what I have to do...

This is a website underconstruction, here's my to-do list, with help from 32bitcafe:

Pages and sections:

  • About
  • Site Map
  • Media Log
  • Dashboard
  • Shrines?
  • Portfolio/gallery
  • For you/gifts
  • A place
  • To-do list (this!)
  • 404 Page
  • Changelog

Completed 3/12

Fun stuff:

  • Favicon
  • Solidify design
  • Webgarden
  • User icon
  • Stamps
  • Blinkies
  • Buttons
  • Custom cursor
  • Comments/guestbook
  • Design links (hover, active past)

Completed 4/9

Quick stuff:

  • Add antikrist.lol button
  • Add Eve G button
  • Make Barbs Art button?
  • Fix comic navbar
  • Make comic favicon and cursors
  • Fix links across site (esp index links)
  • Make index page look nicer

Completed 5/7

I also should do the technical stuff but I'll do it down the line. This includes making an alternate accessible version of various styles/making gifs into jpgs/pngs.

Blinkie ideas:

  • Observational Astrophysics is my sworn enemy
  • Third year physicist, still can't integrate
  • I'd kill Fourier myself if he weren't already dead
  • The hardest part of quantum physics is not strangling someone
  • I'm trapped in the infinite potential well
  • Chibbers is the Oncoming Storm
  • Specific intensity hurt my soul
  • Orphan 55 hurt my soul
  • and Orphan 55 finished the job
  • and the Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos finished the job
  • Moffatt hurt my soul
  • and Chibnall finished the job
  • Sub Rosa hurt my soul
  • and the lab report finished the job
  • and Shades of Gray finished the job