Comic recommendations

Currently Reading:

Unstoppable Hayeong by woo_eong (WC)

Tilt: Six Tales by various authors (P)

Bicycle Boy by Jackarais (WC)

Caelum Sky by ALRadeck (WC)

Soul to Call by Katherine Lang (WC)

My To-Read

Thunderstryke by socksofargyle (WC)

O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti (WC)

Ride or Die by Mars Heyward (WC)

Kochab by Sarah Webb (WC)

Earth in a Pocket by Helen Greetham (WC)

Banished by R. Smith, Brandon Zuckerman, Jessica Silvia (WC)

Petrol Head by Rob Williams and Pye Parr (P)

Give Me Liberty by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons (P)

The Secrets of the Majestic by various authors (P) (I'm very biased about this one, I want to grab it at its debut at Thought Bubble!)

In my effort to find more indie webcomics, I have compiled a list which you may peruse. They are mostly sorted by vibe, genre, or subject matter, and then alphabetically. Most here are webcomics, but I'll also point out small indie publications, presses, collectives, and events (focused on the UK, where I'm from). If you have any of your own recommendations, please put them in the comment box so that I can add them!

This list is and always be a work in progress; I haven't read every comic under the sun... yet.

(WC) = Webcomic

(P) = Print


Inhibit by Eve Greenwood (WC)(P): Victor is a resident at a home for kids who haven't proven they can control their powers. With his window to prove himself closing, Victor's life grows more complicated until he is wrapped up in the plots of friends and enemies.

Recoil by Spire Eaton (WC)(P): Our protagonist, Kalo, discovers he has powers in a deadly accident and is taken to an institution that may not be what it seems...


Mega Robo Bros by Niell Cameron (P): Alex and Freddy are normal brothers in a futuristic London, except for the fact that they are superpowered robots! Also available from Niell's shop.

Serious Engineering by Roman Jones (WC): Corelle is 16, brilliant with machines, and working in a chicken processing plant. When an illness spreads through the workers and puts her hands in danger, Corelle is spurred to travel to Polaris Robotics in search of a better lot in life.


Cato's Apprenticeship by Joey Ballast (WC): Cato is struggling with his new implant, his drill exercises, and fitting in with his friends. Life on a spaceship is harder than you might think, especially when a heavily armoured figure clomps its way onto the ship...

彼方のアストラ | Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space) by Kento Shinohara (P)(WC): A group of high-schoolers are set to go on camp to the nearby planet McPa. It doesn't take long for the trip to go awry, and they find themselves free-floating in orbit... Team B5 must survive space and find their way back home, but can they also find out why this happened at all?

Small and indie press

David Fickling Books, a larger UK indie book publisher, responsible for the comics I grew up reading in the Phoenix.

Koguchi Press, a small-press comic publisher from the UK.

Quindrie Press, an Edinburgh-based independent comics publisher.

Events and Places

Thought Bubble, the Yorkshire Comic Art Festival, featuring the largest comic art convention in the UK. Usually in November in the Harrogate Convention Centre. I am determined not to miss it next year.

Shortbox, a digital comics fair selling PDFs in October.

Gosh!, a London comic book shop, active in the industry, stocking small press.

Other Resources

Broken Frontier, a web-magazine focusing on indie, small press, self-published, micropublished, and alternative comics.

The Creator's Guide to Comics Devices, Reimena Yee's excellent resource for every tool in a comic-creator's toolbox!

Webrings and Collectives

SpiderForest, a webcomic collective.

KnifeBeetle, a curated webring for longform, narrative-driven webcomics.

Web/Comic/Ring, an indie webcomic webring.